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   Monday, September 06, 2004  

Board Game Day,

Board Game Day last Saturday was, as expected, a lot of fun!
We played a game called "Dragon Delta" where you build and cross bridges to get to your destination while attempting to keep your companions from making it to theirs.

I won. :)

Then we played another game, I forget the name, where allied troops attempt to escape a german prison camp.
As far as who won on this one, it was right at the deadline, so not really sure. The allies managed their 2 needed escapes, but the German says we didn't until right after our time was up.

We need a good timer before playing this one again. :)
But it's still a lot of fun.

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   Tuesday, August 31, 2004  

Games enough, and time.

Well, we've finally completed the epic battle of the end of the world... 3 out of 5 characters dying and cheering on the survivors from the heavens. Our Hunter: the Reckoning world has ended.. but good triumphed, and the world will be reborn as a paradise.
Next week, we're missing a gamer, and will take advantage of that for a Board Game night!!What will we play? With so many great games out there, I have no idea.. but I am looking forward to it.

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   Friday, August 06, 2004  

More congrats!

And, now that the cat is out of the bag, Cheryl and I are going to have a little gamer of our own! Next March or so, there will be a new Taylor baby; start buying those d20-rattles now, people! :)

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   Monday, July 12, 2004  

Slow week - but Congrats, Dom & Leah!

Well, this is a slow week for gaming, as our gaming group is either out of town or at a circus. But, one momentous occasion just passed us this weekend (the 10th, to be precise), so I'll mention it here -


They are now married - another happy gamer couple. The family that games together, stays together, I always say.

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   Monday, July 05, 2004  

! Japanese Name Generator

This is a fun item, but as it would also be a useful tool for Role-Playing in a traditional Japanese setting, I felt it was well worth inclusion. :)

Japanese Name Generator.

My japanese name is:
弓 Yumi (archery) 歩 Ayumi (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way).
Try your real japanese name generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

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   Sunday, July 04, 2004  

Dragon's Gold

Strictly speaking, it wasn't a board game, as there was no board. :)
(Posted by Rich July 3... due to blogspot difficulties has never shown.)

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   Saturday, July 03, 2004  

I'm here!

My first post... It was a most excellent game of Dragon's Gold we had tonight (because it was one of the very few times I've won a board game!!)


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   Thursday, July 01, 2004  

! Hunter Character Sheet Released!!

Community Gaming.Org - Gaming Aids

It took me all day, when I needed to do other things.. But I finally finished a new, remade, better than ever version of the character sheet for HUNTER: The Reckoning.

V1 was my first ever character sheet effort... Really good for what I had to work with..
V2 looked great, but Microsoft Excels checkboxes were a memory-hog, and not the easiest to use..

V3 is almost exactly what i was trying for all along. :)

If you're playing HUNTER: The Reckoning, or ever have in the past, or plan to in the future, please download and critique!! I'd love an unbiased opinion. :)

I also have a character sheet for Hackmaster by Kenzer Co., approved for distribution by Brian Jelke.
If Hackmaster is more to your style you can pick that one up as well.

More character sheets are on their way, and should be announced soon...
(You can also get a sneak peek at an Alpha Version character sheet that's well on it's way)

And if you'd like to create first level 'by the book' characters for download by other visitors, feel free to submit them !!
(please use the email link on the Gaming Aids page menu.. I'm to tired to code a no-spam submission link. :) )

Thanks for the Visit, and enjoy!!

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   Monday, June 28, 2004  

CommunityGaming.Org goes Blog!

CommunityGaming.Org was created to help people who love to get together in person to play games find one another... Wherever they may be.

Our members sometimes have things to say, about where they're going, the great conventions they've visited, their favorite games, and pretty much anything else gaming related!

Later, I hope to make it so that CommunityGamers around the world can post to this blog, But for now, feel free to comment to the members who post, and if you want to say something yourself, Visit our Forum!

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